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Russia Fabrics House

Buy fabrics from Shopsyour Russia with more than 25,000 commodity items, which allows you to choose in one place everything you need for sewing production. Our assortment allows us to satisfy the buyer who is looking for an online store of fabrics from Korea, accessories from Germany, home textiles from Turkey. Managers of household enterprises and hotels purchase finished products for the arrangement of the institution: curtains, linens, towels, blankets. Products are purchased from us: retail buyers - amateurs and professionals, salon designers, small tailor shops, repair shops; garment factories producing outerwear, lightweight and sportswear; owners of regional retail chains and small retail pavilions. Large enterprises buy our fabrics in the online store for the production of bed linen and other home accessories. Furniture factories are attracted by a large selection of technical varieties. For customers wishing to buy inexpensive fabrics in bulk from China from our warehouse, we send a complete free catalog.

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